Centrálny Depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s.


Centrálny depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s. (hereinafter„CDCP“) is an accredited entity to assign Legal Entity Identifier (LEIto the subjects registered in the Slovak and Czech Republic. CDCP  as a local operating unit (LOU) is responsible for creating and assignment of new LEIs, collectting of corresponding data, administering and renewal of these data.

LEI of CDCP SR, a.s.:  097900BEFH0000000217

In the sense of the above, we would like to inform all entities with the residence in other jurisdictions as Slovakia Republic or Czech Republic to transfer their LEI to other LOU of their choice. Submitting a transfer request must be made to the Receiving LOU. The current list of all LOUs is available on the GLEIF website https://www.gleif.org/en/about-lei/how-to-get-an-lei-find-lei-issuing-organizations.

Please be note of the fact that CSD Slovakia cannot process the transfer request from entities located outside the jurisdiction of the Slovak Republic or the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic and therefore such the request will not be accepted for the above reason.

A transfer of LEI is free of charge and takes place without determination of any fees.

Certificate of Accreditation of CDCP.

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