Special public holiday

Dear clients,

Based on the adopted act, Tuesday 30 October 2018 is special public holiday when the Slovak Republic shall commemorate centenary anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak Nation. Accordingly we would like to inform you that settlement of DvP/FoP instructions and electronic placement of applications for services to the information system of CDCP will be available on this day.

Amended schedule of CDCP operating days for the year 2018 is published on the web site of CDCP: https://www.cdcp.sk/en/operating-days-and-operation-day-schedule/

With invalid LEI code it won’t be possible to make a trade

The entities are obliged to identify themselves with the Legal Entity Identifier code (LEI) when issuing book-entry securities and at realisation and reporting of certain financial transactions. In the Slovak Republic the LEI codes are allocated by Centrálny depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s. (CDCP). Assigned LEI code ensures unique identification of entities worldwide and high quality of referential data.More HERE.