Results from operation failure procedures testing

In the days of 22 – 26 October 2018 was performed testing of operation failure procedures. Purpose of testing was to verify whether processes of CDCP and of participants are accurate, to carry out real execution of procedures and check if a list of persons authorised to submit instructions and requests in case of operation failure is actual. No shortcomings with impact to processing of relevant requirements of a participant were identified. Therefore we consider testing of operation failure successful.


Results from testing of participant default procedures

On 25 October 2018 was performed testing of participant default procedures. The test verified internal processes of CDCP, execution of immediate measures with regard to defaulting participant, procedures for handling a settlement instruction if one party is defaulting participant and method of informing the participants on default of a participant. Testing as such can be considered successful. CDCP successfully tested activities resulting from T2S operational processes, the Collective Agreement and also the Rules of Operation.