Code of Conduct

On 7 November 2006 securities infrastructures in Europe – stock exchanges, central counterparty clearing houses and central securities depositories – agreed on the Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement with the aim to achieve greater efficiency and further integration of European capital markets. The ultimate aim is to offer market participants the freedom to choose their preferred provider of services separately at each layer of the transaction chain and to make the concept of "cross-border" redundant for transactions between EU Member States. The Code of Conduct will have an impact in the area of price transparency, conditions of access and interoperability between infrastructures and service unbundling and accounting separation.

This section is dedicated to publication of documents related to implementation of Code of Conduct by the CDCP SR, a.s. as a signatory of the Code of Conduct.

 Introductory document for Conversion table

 Conversion table of CDCP SR

Scale of Fees

 Additional examples of fees calculation

 Independent Assurance Report 2012

 Public statement on compliance 2012