Two factor authentication

The data necessary for the two factor authentication of user when logging into the IS CDCP is the part of the form for registration/ change in registration of user in IS CDCP.

In case of technical problems with sending e-mails / SMS on the CDCP side, CDCP turns off the two-factor authentication in the whole IS CDCP and immediately informs participants, also after the two-factor authentication is turned on.

In the case of technical problems on participant's side and request of the authorized person, which the participant has authorized for this purpose (a person with the "D" range in the " List of contact addresses and persons authorized to communicate with CDCP“), CDCP turns off the two-factor authentication for the participant and immediately informs the participant. The two-factor authentication will be turned off for the participant only for the business day in which the participant requested for the turning off and the two-factor authentication will be again turned on the business day following the receipt of the turning off request.

The authorized person sends request to the e-mail address

Warning: request for the turning off the two-factor authentication from not authorized persons are not accepted by CDCP.