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Operator: Centrálny depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s., ul. 29 augusta 1/A, 814 80 Bratislava, Company ID: 31 338 976

Your right for privacy is highly valued by us and we would like to provide you with the most accurate information so that you can exercise your rights to the full extent. As a result, we have prepared these principles for usage of cookie files that will provide you with information on how we collect data gathered by this website and subpages and allow you to manage the settings of protection of personal data that would suit your needs.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are files containing the information that is collected into any device that is using the internet – e.g. into your computer, tablet or mobile phone – when you visit the web site or its sub-pages. They are stored in your device so that you can track your visits to the web site and your preference while browsing the pages.

In general, cookie files can be divided into the following categories:

Temporary cookies – these cookie files are linked to login. Their validity expires at the end of visit of the web site and they are stored in the temporary memory.

Permanent cookies – these cookie files allow the web site to store your information and settings for your future visits, e.g. selection of language. They are stored in your browser unless they are manually deleted or deleted by your browser upon expiration day of validity of cookie files.

How do we use cookies?

Our various ways of utilisation of technologies related to cookie files are divided into the following categories:

Technical cookies – these cookies are used to secure the correct functioning of our web site and its subpages and to allow browsing and using its functionalities. You have to accept these cookie files in order to be able to use the web site of CDCP including its subpages.

Analytical cookies – these cookies are used to measure the visits to the web site including its subpages (e.g. the number of visits) and to enhance its functionalities as well as the user experience. These cookie files allow us to collect statistics about the web site visits and about visitors. Our web site is using the cookie file Google Analytics that collects information and data on statistics of web site usage.

Our web site contains a reference to the external social network LinkedIn. Using this web site can trigger installation of cookie files of LinkedIn social network. We would like to notify you that LinkedIn social network is responsible for processing of personal data that is executed by means of cookie files. More detailed information about the purpose and the scope of personal data processing by LinkedIn social network, about your rights and the settings of personal data protection you may find in the principles for personal data protection of the relevant web site of LinkedIn social network.              

Withdrawal of the consent

You may withdraw your consent to processing with effectivity in the future. The consent withdrawal does not affect lawfulness of processing performed before withdrawing the consent. It is possible to deactivate the cookie files by change of preference in cookie files settings.

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