Centrálny Depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s.

List of deleted securities issues

Announcement of Centrálny depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s. in compliance with § 105 section 7 of the Act No. 566/2001 Coll. on Securities as amended.

Selection from the list of issues of book-entry securities that have been canceled in the records of the Central Depository as a result of the cancellation of the registers of issuers that have ceased to exist without a legal successor.

Company Id
Deletion date from
Deletion date to
ISIN Name Company Id Deletion date
CS0005068451 Tatran, a.s. 31419593 22.12.2009
SK1120007713 Slovstavexport, a.s. 31562647 22.12.2009
CS0009020250 Novohradský priemysel kameňa, a.s. Lučenec 31563236 22.12.2009
SK1120002623 Novohradská hydina, a.s. 31568289 22.12.2009
880990000932 ZTS-INVEST, a.s. 31614850 22.12.2009
CS0005059559 REKOSTAV a.s. Bardejov 31651071 22.12.2009
CS0005059856 STAVSTROJ PREŠOV a.s. 31651267 22.12.2009
CS0005061555 STROJSTAV SEČOVCE a.s. 31651836 22.12.2009
SK1120001997 Nákladná automobilová doprava Humenné , a.s. 31699758 22.12.2009
SK1120001922 Starý prameň, a.s. Michalovce 31700241 22.12.2009

Records 831 to 840 of total 985

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