Centrálny Depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s.

Security Information

Date and time of publication: 23.09.2023 23:11

Securities information as of: 24.09.2023 15:49

ISIN CS0009007158
Short name of the security (FISN) KOVPie/BRSH VTG FPD SKK1000
Long name of the security KOVOPROJEKT Piestany as
Nominal value 1 000
Denomination currency SKK
Settlement in Units
Minimum amount* 1
Minimum multiplier* 1
Total number of securities for ISIN* 1 501
Amount of securities on accounts* 0
Amount of securities returned* 1 501
Bearer/registered Bearer
Type of security ordinary share
Form of security Book-entry securities
Negotiability of the issue
Public negotiability of securities issue Security is not traded on the stock exchange
Date of issuance 29.03.1993
Registration date 29.03.1993
Expiration/Maturity date
Deletion date 17.05.2023
Issuer depository CSDSSKBAXXX
Issuer country SK
Suspension of right to dispose of the securities issue

* The amount is displayed in the units listed in the item "Settlement in the unit" in the issue detail.

Issuer name KOVOPROJEKT Piešťany a.s.
Issuer Company Id 31411941
Issuer´s seat Valová 38, 92101 Piešťany, SK
Issuer LEI

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