Centrálny Depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s.

Security Information

Date and time of publication: 23.09.2023 23:11

Securities information as of: 24.09.2023 16:58

ISIN SK1110001478
Short name of the security (FISN) DEVBAN/REGSH VTG FPD SKK50000
Long name of the security DEVIN BANKA, a.s.
Nominal value 50 000
Denomination currency SKK
Settlement in Units
Minimum amount* 1
Minimum multiplier* 1
Total number of securities for ISIN* 20 000
Amount of securities on accounts* 19 992
Amount of securities returned* 0
Bearer/registered Registered
Type of security ordinary share
Form of security Book-entry securities
Negotiability of the issue Transfer without any restrictions
Public negotiability of securities issue Security is traded on the free market of stock exchange
Date of issuance 12.03.1998
Registration date 22.01.1998
Expiration/Maturity date
Deletion date
Issuer depository CSDSSKBAXXX
Issuer country SK
Suspension of right to dispose of the securities issue

* The amount is displayed in the units listed in the item "Settlement in the unit" in the issue detail.

Issuer name DEVÍN BANKA a.s.
Issuer Company Id 31326331
Issuer´s seat Františkánske nám. 8, 81310 Bratislava, SK
Issuer LEI 097900BHLX0000079387

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