Centrálny Depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s.

NBS granted to CDCP authorisation to operate as a central securities depository


The National Bank of Slovakia granted Centrálny depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s. (CDCP) authorisation to operate in compliance with valid European legal regulation with the effect from 28 January 2019. Granted authorisation relates to new European legislation harmonising requirements for organisation and certain aspect of operation of central securities depositories established in the European Union. CDCP as a central depository operating in EU is subject to identical and directly applicable requirements, standards and rules and shall provide harmonised scope of services.

List of provided CDCP services under the authorisation granted by the NBS:

Core services of central securities depositories

  1. Initial recording of securities in book-entry system („notary services“).
  2. Providing and maintaining securities accounts at the top tier level („central maintenance service“).
  3. Operating a securities settlement system („settlement services“).

Non-banking-type ancillary services of CSDs that do not entail credit or liquidity risks.
Service provided by CSDs that contribute to enhancing the safety, efficiency and transparency or the securities markets:

 1)  Services related to the settlement service, such as:
  • settlement matching, instruction routing, trade confirmation, trade verification.
 2)  Services related to the notary and central accounts maintenance services, such as:
  •  services related to shareholders’ registers,
  • supporting the processing of corporate actions, including tax, general meeting and information services,
  • new issue services, including allocation and management of ISIN codes and similar codes,
  • instruction routing and processing, fee collection and processing and related reporting.

 3) Establishing CSD links, providing, maintaining or operating securities accounts in relation to the settlement service, collateral management, other ancillary services.

 4) Other services:
  • providing information required by legal regulation,
  • providing information, data and statistics to market/census bureaus or other governmental or inter-governmental entities,
  • keeping of pledge registry,
  • keeping of special registry of collateral transfers,
  • keeping of list of shareholders of registered paper-form shares,
  • service relating to allocation and management of LEI codes.

You can read the press news “NBS granted to CDCP authorisation to operate as a central securities depository ” HERE.


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