Centrálny Depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s.

Cancellation of the account

It is possible to cancel only an account on which no securities are registered. In case of non-allocated account it is not necessary to ask for its cancellation, as such account ceases to exist when no security is registered on the account.

The legal person which has an account administered in CDCP can ask for cancellation of the account by form F3 which is duly completed according to explanatory notes and submitted in person or via post.

Details stated in the request must be identical with data registered in CDCP registry. In case these data differ from data stated in the validation stamp (if request is delivered via post or in person to CDCP mail room), it is necessary to submit also verified copy of a document evidencing relevant change (e.g. marriage certificate, birth registration number certificate which can be obtained at Registries Management Section in Banská Bystrica – before Population Registry of the Slovak Republic.

Cancellation of the owner’s account in CDCP registry is free of charge.

Forms for owners of account of book-entry securities

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