Centrálny Depozitár cenných papierov SR, a.s.


Administration of owner’s account is free of charge for the deceased person from 1 January 2012, therefore CDCP SR, a.s. will not issue or send an account statement for the year 2022 to a deceased person, together with attached invoice for administration of the owner’s account in the year 2022.

In case CDCP SR, a.s. will issue an invoice for administration of an owner’s account to deceased person anyway, it means that CDCP SR, a.s. does not have information on decease of an account owner. In such case it is sufficient deliver copy of the death certificate (not notice on death) of deceased account owner by post to the registered address of CDCP SR, a.s., or personally to mail room of CDCP SR, a.s. or via e-mail to address: info@cdcp.sk. Based on the copy of the death certificate the administration of an owner’s account in registry of CDCP SR, a.s. will be free of charge in accordance with the valid Scale of Fees of the central depository.

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