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Changes in LEI codes administration

Considering the broadening agenda related to activities of CDCP in position of the Local Operating Unit (LOU) for assignment and renewal of the LEI codes, CDCP decided to integrate the information system for LEI codes administration into the core information system of CDCP (IS CDCP). The system was a greenfield project developed in new environment, independently from the previous system. CDCP used this situation also to upgrade the web-interface and make it user-friendly for the clients communicating with CDCP. Data were migrated and new environment set during 26 – 27 September 2020. New web-interface and application were successfully launched on 27 September 2020. 

Migration to new web-interface had no influence to users as all login data remained unchanged, so the user may perceive the change only due to different environment. Except the modern appearance, the new web-interface integrated into the LEI section on the web site www.cdcp.sk brings to the clients mainly higher user comfort. The possibility to renew or change the password through one button was implemented and this process doesn’t require manual intervention at the side of CDCP. New functionalities like change of requesting person and change in data of requesting person were added. English modification of the web page is certainty. The web interface is interactive and when the request is being created it actively reacts to data inserted by the client (jurisdiction, type of entity, register….). The application is connected to the Business Registries of the Slovak and Czech Republic and data on companies from these registries are displayed after inserting the company ID during creation of the request for LEI assignment, LEI update and LEI renewal. In case of renewal and update the application offers also the original data from the IS CDCP for review by the requesting person. Entire process of submitting the request is controlled and the requesting person is advised of missing data, or of logical errors in inserted data. After submitting the request the client is informed whether the request was successfully sent to IS CDCP, respectively a reason is given if the request was not successful.

The new system for administration of LEI codes has been integrated into the main system of CDCP and manual intervention to whole process was minimised. Duplicate and integrity check is automatically performed for all registered requests. The IS CDCP communicates also with the economic information system of CDCP when it automatically processes payments received from the clients; consequently the LEI is assigned or renewed based on identified payment, and all necessary data are sent to the economic system of CDCP for invoicing purposes.  The IS CDCP manages also e-mail communication with the client so entire standard communication is automatic. Regular daily communication of the LEI system with the GLEIF system was automatized as well, and data sent from the LEI system are subject to a preliminary check in the GLEIF, despite this kind of check is not yet mandatory.

Author: Ľubomír Demčák


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